Lakeview Elementary School is gearing up for the Hollingsworth’s Park Project with Interactive Education

“This project will motivate students to move, educate and learn more about the concept of bees, types of bees and what they produce. Students will also achieve academic needs in the form of science regarding the species of plants, insect, birds and other animals that might be seen in our park. This will teach them about plants and what they produce, colors of trees and what trees take care of in the park, they will also benefit from food that might come from the bees, plants and trees. This will also give students increased activity and exercise.

Hands on learning will include flowers, grass, leaves and other things involving touch, sight and smell and taste. This project will also teach all students why bees are so important to us as humans, how they are in trouble, and how we are losing more and more bees. Finally, this will provide an opportunity to work together to keep our parks clean and neat for others to visit.”

– Anne Mathena, Lakeview Elementary School